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Visualead’s patent-pending technologies focus on increasing engagement and encouraging the consumer to make the leap from the physical world that’s all around us to the online mobile world. One of the best ways to do that today is to use a Visual QR Code – a vibrant, attractive barcode that allows consumers to enjoy the limitless opportunities that the mobile world has to offer them, all in one simple scan.

Visualead utilizes the QR Code’s full potential by merging it into a visually appealing image, thus increasing its efficiency as a call-to-action and consequently, its value to brands. Why not let Sam explain to you how being a Visual QR Code helped him do the job he was meant to do?

Visual QR Codes

Visualead’s Visual QR Code technology takes the two-dimensional black-and-white cluster of dots and squares that the regular QR Code (also referred to as Gen0) is normally composed of, and embeds the QR Code within an image, resulting in a fusion of QR Code and image that is both visually appealing and machine-readable. This first generation of Visual QR Codes, or Gen1 as we've named it, exhibits features that are characteristic of the QR Code such as the distinctive square markers on the corners but merges the QR Code’s elements within the image so that 50% of the image is preserved yet it is still easily recognizable as an interactive picture that is meant to be scanned. Visualead’s technology ensures that the integrity of the QR Code is not harmed and that the Visual QR Code can be easily scanned by standard Gen0 QR Code Reader applications in various lighting, print and texture scenarios. Visualead’s Gen1 Visual QR Code is available in the Free QR Code Package and the Silver Package as well.

Gen2, the second generation of Visual QR Codes, signifies Visualead’s continuing progress in the field of advanced QR Code imaging technology. The technology used to create Gen2 Visual QR Codes is unique in that it first modifies the QR Code’s appearance in a way that improves its integration within the image and only then adapts the image to accept the QR Code. This technological manipulation results in a Visual QR Code in which the QR Code’s integrity is still entirely maintained yet a greater percentage of the image (in average 72%) is preserved, thus increasing the Visual QR Code’s visual appeal even more. Visualead’s Gen2 Visual QR Code is available in the Gold Package.

Make a Gen1 or Gen2 Visual QR Code and see how easy it is.

Face QR Codes are the latest addition in Visualead’s impressive display and they exemplify just how attractive and expressive Visual QR Codes can actually be. Face QR Codes are created with Gen2 technology that has been refined to achieve maximum conformity with the color tones and contours of the human face so that an even greater percentage of the image is preserved. The QR Code is modified and adjusted to ensure that the salient features that are characteristic of the human face remain clear and well-defined, thus increasing the overall recognisability of the face as well as its symmetry and visual appeal. It’s not very difficult to think of the useful applications that can be used for this type of Visual QR Code in the various fields of security and identification, in addition to commercials and advertisements.

Face Visual QR Code image


Gen3, which hasn’t been released yet, is the culmination of most ground-breaking technology available in QR Code imaging today. Gen3 promises to revolutionize the market by providing consumers with interactive, demonstrative images that will be devoid of QR Code elements yet will still be machine-readable by Gen0 QR Code Scanner applications. For more information, please contact


Gen 0
Old fashion
Gen 1
Much better ;)
Gen 2
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Gen 3
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High volume solutions - Visual QR Code API

In addition to our Visual QR Code Generations, Visualead employs a white label API which enables companies and enterprises to integrate Visual QR Codes into their services by interfacing Visualead’s platform, leading to Visualead’s partnership with several major social networks and Fortune 500 companies. Our API's intelligent system is built for maximum scalabity so that it can support any demand or requirement that our partners and customers throw our way.

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Video Visual QR Code

Visualead’s vision is to change the way that consumers engage with products today and that means branching out beyond the static world of print. Meet the newest member of Visualead’s revolutionary technology – the Video Visual QR Code. The merging of a Visual QR Code into a video not only increases the QR Code’s visual appeal but also transforms it into a thrilling, exciting and innovative consuming experience. Video and animation are powerful call-to-actions that are extremely successful at attracting consumer’s attention, while the QR Code can then offer a dynamic mobile experience. Visualead’s impressive technology adjusts the Visual QR Code in order to achieve the most visually appealing fusion of code and image that will enables minimal visual disruption of the video, while still being machine-readable by Gen0 QR Code Scanner applications.

The technology behind Visualead’s Video Visual QR Code is quite flexible and offers diverse possibilities for integrating the Visual QR Code within your video. You can choose to emphasize the existence of the Visual QR Code in the video or alternatively, to relegate the code to a more inconspicuous area within your video. The Visual QR Code can be adjusted so that it moves around on the screen or follows certain objects. Video Visual QR Codes greatly enhance the value of digital content and allow brands and businesses to successfully integrate QR Codes into TV programming and commercials, digital displays, tradeshows and web banners – which are all specifically designed to attract people’s attention, thus enhancing the likelihood of your QR Code being scanned. Video Visual QR Codes are also perfect for animation, where instead of blending the QR Code into an existing video or commercial, the Visual QR Code and animation work together to create a vivacious and dynamic Visual QR Code that is perfect for internet marketing.

Is animation your thing? Check out our animation page to see more examples.

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Mobilizing your Website

Visual QR Codes are indeed an eye-catching and effective tool for engaging customers but it’s equally as important to justify that attention by providing the customer who has scanned your QR Code with an enriching and rewarding consuming experience. In other words, it’s crucial that your customers should feel that it was worth their while to scan the QR Code.

Today, a very high percentage of online browsing is done on mobile devices but unfortunately, not all websites today are mobile-friendly. Non-mobile-friendly websites often take a long time to load and are difficult to see and use on a small mobile screen – all factors that will immediately repel your customers. In accordance with the fact that the overall majority of QR Codes lead to a URL destination which is usually a business’s website, it’s essential to ensure that that website is mobile-friendly so that you provide your customers with an enjoyable and rewarding scanning experience.

Visualead understands that the consuming experience that is presented by a Visual QR Code on a flyer should culminate in a mobile page and consequently, has provided our customers with various and creative destinations for their QR Codes, as well as various options for mobilizing those destinations. For the customers who prefer to use a URL destination but don’t have a suitable existing desktop website, Visualead offers a quick-fix solution – the creation of a simple and user-friendly mobile site with the use of our rich-text editor. For those customers who do have an existing desktop website that is not already mobile-friendly, Visualead has provided a “mobilize my website” option within your personal dashboard that instantly transforms your website into a mobile-friendly site that will leave your original website untouched yet be opened by all customers who are being directed to your website via a mobile device. This mobile-friendly site is automatically synced with your original site. Watch our video to see just how easy mobilizing your URL can be with Visualead.

In addition to the URL destination options, Visualead offers various other destination options for all of our customers who would like to get creative, from locations on Google Maps to a vCard that are downloaded into an address book when scanned. Press here to select the destination option that best suits your needs.