How do I make my website look good on mobile devices?

The world is going mobile

QR Codes are an incredibly handy tool today for bridging the gap between the tangible, physical world that your consumers, customers and clients inhabit – the world of posters, products and billboards – and the virtual, mobile world that can offer them endless opportunities. What QR Codes aim to do is make that enchantingly simple world accessible to all with just one effortless click of a reader application, so that instead of a limited print area, you can choose to show your customers anything you think they might desire in order to create the perfect consumer experience – your Google Maps location, your website, your Facebook page and so on. Yet although QR Codes create this link in an intuitive and uncomplicated way, it’s critical that the destination that your consumers are led to is also as convenient, valuable and easy to use. In other words, your customers should feel that it was worth their time to scan your QR Code.

Today, the overwhelming majority of QR Codes lead to a URL destination, most of which are the business’s website. This way the consumer has easy access to information about the business, contact details and purchasing possibilities so that his consuming experience is enhanced and improved. Yet although all QR Codes are scanned with the use of a mobile device, not all websites are mobile-friendly, so that even though you have successfully attracted your customer to your product/poster/advertisement and persuaded them that it will be worth their while to scan your QR Code, you will eventually direct them to a website that takes an inordinate time to load, is difficult to see on a small screen and that will overall ruin their consuming experience, completely canceling out your hard work in getting them there in the first place.  The resounding conclusion is that if your QR Code’s destination is to a URL, it’s essential that the website be mobile-friendly.


Mobilze your desktop website! Easy!


The good news is that that can be achieved extremely easily! Using our one-step mobilizer, you can transform your website into a mobile-friendly site in a manner of minutes, giving your QR Code advertising campaign the last finishing touch it needs in order to be truly successful. All this can be accomplished promptly and effortlessly in your personal dashboard at, when after you generate a URL Visual QR Code.

It’s important to emphasize that your desktop website doesn't need to be touched or changed in any way – any changes you might make to your original website will be automatically and instantly synced and updated on your mobile webpage, dispensing with the need to update both separately. Mobile-friendly sites that are built with the use of our platform are compatible with the major mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

So why wait? Mobilize your website right now and save your customers and clients the unpleasant experience of dealing with awkward, slow websites that are unsuited for mobile browsing. Your mobile site will not only be extremely easy to create and design, it will also pass the message to your customers that your company has thought of every way to make their consuming experience as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible and that their interaction with your site is a top priority for you, giving you a true marketing advantage in the competitive world of mobile advertising and marketing. Give your customers the best you can with a quick, easy-to-handle mobile website that allows them to view your site at their leisure and allows you to increase your sales and engagement with your customers.