Educational QR Codes and Nonprofit QR Codes.


Visualead recognizes the important work of non-profit organizations and educators and believes in contributing to their efforts. 

QR Codes are incredibly useful for promoting organizational work across all the medias and are a fun and innovative tool for the classroom.



That’s why we’ve created the Educational/Non-profit package!


These packages offer all subscribing organizations, the Premium package and all the amenities that come with it - at the price of the Basic package (monthly subscription 7.52$ per month / yearly subscription 74.764 $ per year).


The Premium package’s regular price is $36.75 per month so this is an almost 80% discount for our non-profit/education package. That’s how much we appreciate your important work!


If you’re interested in subscribing to our Non-profit/Educational Package, all we ask is that you include a link to Visualead’s site ( in a visible location on your organization's website or blog and let us know.

If you are interested in hearing more, or signing up to the Educational/Non-profit Package, please contact us.


Need ideas for using QR Codes for your organization/classroom?

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The Premium Package includes: 


Educational Package