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Build your own mobile page! You can add links, images from the web, lists and more. You can even copy-paste tables from Word. Play around, it is all yours!. Use the toolbar that appears at the top of the frame to add images, add links, change text fonts/colors/size, add bullets and more…

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Use your Visual QR Code to create a contact in your scanner’s address book! Especially useful for business cards, this eliminates the awkward process of exchanging details and printing out endless cards. Visualead uses a special URL shortner technology that enables you to re-edit your content even after you printed your business card! Android scanners will immediately receive a vCard file (vcf), and iOS scanners will be redirected to a professional personal page where they can download the vcf from.

Who doesn't have a Facebook profile today? Redirect the scanner to any Facebook profile page and share your product or company with the masses in an instant.

Interested in upping the number of your subscribers? Choose the Twitter Follow option and the scanners of your Visual QR Code will automatically subscribe to your Tweets. The perfect way to spread your message quickly and efficiently.

Ever seen a commercial for a product you liked but didn’t know how to get to the store? Today that isn’t a problem! Simply enter a location in the destination box and the scanners of your Visual QR Code will be redirected to the location on Google Maps and directed there using Waze. Problem solved.

A real time-saver. Anyone who scans your QR Code will have a “compose email” box opened on their phone that’s addressed to the address that you have entered in the destination box.

Enter the specific application URLs that are appropriate for each phone type (iTunes, Blackberry, Android and Windows) in the four destination boxes that will appear, and our technology will redirect all scanners (according to their specific type of phone) to that app in the suitable app store. An excellent way to advance your app!

This is especially useful for sharing and advertising. Any scanner of your Visual QR Code will automatically Tweet the text that you have pasted in the destination box. As you can imagine, the potential for advertisement is endless.

Use your Visual QR code to redirect the scanner to a specific YouTube video. This can be very convenient in how-to manuals and explanatory videos. You do not have to paste the entire URL of the YouTube video, its ID is sufficient for our generator to recognize the desired video.

  • Use your creative freedom, Place the QR anywhere and Increase engagement
  • Increase engagement with effective call-to-action
  • Make Attractive & Intuitive Visual QR Codes
  • Turn any Image into a QR Code

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created by over 150,000 businesses that use Visual QR Codes every month. Get inspired by others and make your custom QR Code.

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Learn more about Visual QR Codes

Watch our videos and how-to tutorials to learn how to make your QR Codes meaningful. Learn how to benefit from your Visual QR Codes and how to best use them to brand and grow your businesses.

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Create a QR Code in an instant

Making a Visual QR Code is quick & easy, just follow the steps in our Visual QR Code Generator and you'll be done in less than a minute.
You can select from many QR Code types and actions such as Url, vCard, Facebook, Twitter, Video, Text and more. Create your own Visual QR Code

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Generate Custom QR Code Designs

Simply upload any image from your computer or use one from our Gallery, input your desired QR Code destination and place the QR Code anywhere you want onto your image. Our Visual QR Code Generator would then instantly and automatically generate the QR Code at the specified location on the image. Visual QR Codes are attractive and intuitive calls-to-actions that increase customer's engagement significantly.


Track and Edit your QR Code from your personal dashboard

You can track how appealing and successful your QR Code is with our array of analytics that can show you where, when, and how many times people are scanning your QR Code. In addition, after you have finished creating a QR Code using the Visual QR Code Generator, you can still continue to edit it and change the destination the QR Code leads to at any time that you choose, even after you have printed it.


Integrate our Visual QR Code API and make QR Codes on a large scale

When using Visualead’s Visual QR Code API, you can quickly and easily integrate the Visual QR Code technology into your services and products and transform all your QR Codes into Visual QR Codes.
The Visual QR Code API is worthwhile for businesses that need to create QR Codes on a large scale and don’t want to do it through our 3-Step- Generator.Contact us to learn more about our API.

Automatic QA, ensuring maximum scannability! Unlike most custom made QR Codes, Visualead’s technology makes sure not to abuse any of the error correction cells in order to improve the aesthetics of the QR Code, thus ensuring the legibility of the QR Code. Creating Visual QR Codes is both easy and reliable.

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