Get your animation now!
  • Capture the attention of your customers on your website, email signature, and any other digital media!
  • Lead your customers to your mobile channels – mobile website, mobile campaign or mobile application!
  • You can’t find it anywhere else! Proprietary and patented Visual QR Code Technology!
  • Use your own GIF animation or let our designers create one for you!

Mobile is the hottest trend ever. Your customers go mobile and use their mobile device to search for businesses, get information, and purchase online. You’ve probably realized this already and invested some time and money in improving your business’ presence for mobile devices (if you haven’t, it’s never too late – Visualead’s Do-It-Yourself templates can help you create a mobile-optimized landing page in less than a minute).

Now you want to let your customers experience what you’ve prepared for them on the mobile front – visit your mobile website, download your mobile app, engage with your mobile campaign. How do you get your customers from viewing your PC website to engage with you on their mobile device? Well, there’s an easy answer for that – Visual QR Codes!

Once your customers scan your Visual QR Code, you can direct them anywhere you want – your mobile website, your application’s download page, or a specific landing page. You can create a few Visual QR Codes for free on our website to try it out.

A good visual is a good way to capture the attention of the human eye. However, an animation always does the trick! Humans cannot ignore a changing image that wiggles in front of their eyes. This is why we can’t stop staring at the TV, why we love cartoons, and why animated banners are more effective than static ones.

Our Animation QR Codes are created in GIF format, for easy integration in your website. They can be created in any pixel size and any animation length, but we recommend using a 300x300 pixel GIF animation with up to 30 frames for an effective PC-to-Mobile campaign. You can also make the GIF animation clickable so that visitors clicking the Animation QR Codes (as opposed to scanning it) will also be taken to relevant content.


Your favorite brands use animation qr codes!

Many of our business customers are crazed about our Animation QR Codes. Some of them are brands we all love.


Spread your Animation QR Code across your digital channels!

Animation QR Codes are great not only for websites, but also for other digital channels, such as the TV screen at your shop or office. You can also incorporate them into advertisements on Digital Out of Home (DOOH) screens, such as ones at elevators or shopping malls.

We have found that one of the best locations for Animation QR Codes is your email signature! You send hundreds of emails every week, your customers and partners get exposure to your emails and therefore would also notice your Animation QR Code and promotion. They, in turn, could forward it to others who might find it interesting.

We can help you convert your Animation QR Codes to any file format needed to fit your marketing needs.