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Help customers access your business information on mobile with your QR Code and business mobile page


Your business mobile page has all your relevant information about your business in one mobile page. It’s a quick & easy way for your customers to contact you, find your business on the map, check out your business details such as opening hours or your menu, and share your business with their friends. All through their mobile phone.


  • Display all your business information in one mobile page
  • Enable customers to directly call or send you an email
  • Enable customers to find your business on the map and navigate to it straight from their mobile phone
  • Link users to your social networks pages to share your business with their friends
  • Enable users to download your business contact information (vCard) directly to their mobile phone

How to use your business mobile page QR Code:

  • Use it on your outdoor advertisements, flayers, newspaper & magazine ads
  • Print it on your business giveaways
  • Print it on your business card
  • Print it on your business products
  • Use it for your email signature
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  1. avatar luke

    January 7, 2014 8:42 am

    Hi there,

    May i know the cover image and galley images can be update and change anytime after uploaded?



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