• Easy integration
  • High volume generation
  • White label
  • Various options and features

What you get as an API partner

Easy integration

Getting started is Quick & Easy and requires minimum coding. Our API follows the simple RESTful rules.

All white label

No loading page with Visualead Ads.

Support mass volume

Generate any required amount of Visual QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Codes

Generate a Visual QR Code and edit its content at any time.

One image, many codes

Generate many Visual QR Codes with different content using the same image.

One image, one code

Use different image for each Visual QR Code you generate.

Plans & Pricing

Special offers for MapsMarker customers:

16.6% discount

The most advanced QR Code technology

Usage Example 1: Image + Data = Visual QR Code:

Visualead API Visual QR Code Generator Flow

Usage Example 2: One design, many unique codes:

Visualead API Visual QR Code Generator Flow

Usage Example 3: Customize your own generator:

Example 1: Example 2:
Visual QR Code Generator Widget Visual QR Code Generator Widget

Frequently asked questions:


What is 'Image hosting'?

Once you send an API request to generate a Visual QR Code a Visual QR Code image is created.
You can specify in the request if you wish to get the actual image as the response or to get a URL to the image.
In case you choose to get a URL then the image will saved in our hosting service.
In addition, with Visualead API you can generate templates of Visual QR Codes which includes the image, position and a few more properties.
In this case the image is saved in our hosting service.

What is 'Dynamic Editing'?

Generating a 'redirect code' (as appose to a 'direct code') enables you to change to where the Visual QR Code leads to even after printing!
Our API enables you to send an API request to change a 'redirect code' and dynamically edit it at any time.
Read more about dynamic editing here.

What is 'Basic statistics'?

The 'Basic statistics' enables you to call the 'track' API method requesting the total number of scans.

What is 'Advanced statistics'?

The \'Advanced statistics\' enables you to call the \'track\' API method requesting the following information: total amount of scans, number of scans per device type, scan geo-location.
The statistics can be requested per Visual QR Code and can be fetched by range of dates.


Can I remove Visuaead's Tiny URL shortner?

Yes, If you wish to generate direct Visual QR Code please contact us.
Read more about dynamic-vs-direct-qr-codes.

What is 'Loading page'?

A 'Loading page' is a transition page which is displayed right after the code is scanned and before the desired content is displayed.
To have a look on how the loading page looks like, click here.

Documentation and Admin:

Where can I get the API documentation?

Once you sign-up to one of the plans you will receive a user and password with which you can login to your API dashboard.
You will be able to obtain the API documentation along with your API-key.

Is there any dashboard?

Yes there is!
Once you sign-up to one of the plans you will receive a user and password with which you can login to your API dashboard.
From you dashboard you will be able to see your generation statistics, see your invoices and see the API documentation.
We plan to add, in the near future, a Demo Generator that will enable you to simulate the generator calls and to create projects.

Sign-up and payment:

How long are your contracts?

The plans are based on monthly subscription charges.
You can also choose to pay for a full year up-front and get a discount.

How do I sign up?

Simply choose your favorite plan above and go through the short purchase process.
Within 24 hours after the transaction will be approved you will receive an email with your user at api.visualead.com.
You will then be able to reach your API dashboard, get your API-Key, see statistics, see the API documentation and more.

What happens to my Visual QR Codes if I stop my subscription?

All Visual QR Codes in the 'Lite'/'Standard'/'Basic' plans are 'redirect codes'.
It means that a short URL is embedded in the QR Code.
Then upon scan the scanner will be redirected to your content, e.g. to a website of you choice.
If you cancel you subscription all your codes will be lost since all short URL will be disabled.

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all credit cards. We also accept Paypal. Currently we do not accept mail orders, so checks and cash payment orders are not available.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes there is. Please notice the switch button in the pricing & plans section.

How many Visual QR Code can I generate?

In each plan you can generate a different amount of Visual QR Codes per month.
For example, with our very popular 'Standard' plan, you could generate 400 codes per month.
(Notice that the plans that appear on Visualead.com Do-It-Yourself Generator pricing page offer a total amount of active codes. For example, if you generated 6 out of 6 codes in a certain month, then you must delete a Visual QR Code from your dashboard in order to generate a new one, even if a month passed.)



Contact us at api@visualead.com

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