What is Visualead?

Visualead's Visual QR Code Generator makes QR Codes more effective by instantly and seamlessly blending them with any design, attracting users and increasing engagement.

QR Codes are the most popular way to lead users from print to mobile. They are all around us and people are used to seeing and scanning them. Yet, they aren't attractive; they’re devoid of meaning and simply don’t do the job well enough.
Visualead's patent-pending technology changes how people engage with QR Codes. Visualead’s generator enables users to easily embed QR codes into any image or advertisement in a simple, user-friendly manner without the need for any graphic design skills.
With Visualead, anyone can integrate a QR Code into any image, blending the familiar QR Codes that people recognize, with the visual design that people love.
Visual QR Codes have been shown to increase engagement significantly, creating a communicative, creative and effective visual calls-to-action from print to mobile.

Funded in April 2012 by Kaedan Capital investment group and private angels Visualead mission is to make QR Codes more appealing for customers and more valuable for brands.

Our team

Nevo Alva

Nevo Alva

Co-founder & CEO


Uriel Peled

Co-founder & CPO

Mar Itamar


Co-founder & CTO

Oded Israeli

Oded Israeli

VP Marketing

Yonny  BizDev

Yonny Friedman

VP Business Development


Amir Hever



Yonatan Ran

Web Development Manager

Viola Wei Qing

Viola (张薇卿)

Marketing Manager


Yilin (Linda) Wen

VP Biz Dev China

Cool Intern

Cissy Chen

Cool Intern

Yarden Yavne

Yarden Yavne



Jay Jiang (江一剑)

Operations Manager

Sagi Nadir

Sagi Nadir


Sal The Man

Salvatore Cino

QR & Android Master

Super Maxim


Super Student


Kaedan Capital is a private investment group that specializes in making equity investments in focus areas of Internet, digital media, mobile applications and technology.

Kaedan's team has dozens of years of experience in investment management as well as operational hands-on know how in managing and assisting companies that span from seed stage up to mature life stages.

Together, the Kaedan team forms a unique and complimentary skill set comprised of investments, general management, product development, marketing and business development.

Furthermore, the team enjoys a strong and wide professional network that provides its portfolio companies with immediate access to key decision makers in international business markets.

For further details, please visit www.kaedan.com.


Visualead is proud to introduce the QR Code generations:

Gen 0
Old fashion
Gen 1
Much better ;)
Gen 2
Don't believe? Scan it!
Gen 3
Coming soon ...

Our patent pending computer vision technologies makes any design or image scannable by all platforms' QR Code Readers. Soon, we will remove even the QR Code dots. Visit our technology page to read more.