We create better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation

Visualead (视觉码) creates better interactions between people and brands through mobile innovation. Through its patented Visual QR Code technology and mobile marketing O2O platform, Visualead helps businesses connect with their customers both Offline and Online through a fun and effective mobile experience.

Visualead's technology turns any image, profile picture, animation, and even video into an engaging Visual QR Code, which can be scanned by any QR code reader, increasing customer interaction with brands.

Visualead is an Israeli startup with over 500,000 enterprises, agencies and businesses in over 200 countries using its platform to create Visual QR Codes and mobile campaigns. Visualead won 1st place in China's prestigious Global Mobile Internet Conference startup competition in 2013 and additional awards in E&Y's Journey 2013 and Israel Computer Vision Conference 2014.


Visualead's O2O and Visual QR Code technology builds on deep expertise in computer vision, machine learning, and mathematics, and is protected by patents and patent applications in several countries. Visualead’s technology creates value in various markets:

O2O Marketing

Social Networks and P2P Connectivity

Product Packaging and Anti-Counterfeit

Mobile Ticketing and Travel

Mobile Application Publishing

Mobile Payments and Mobile Coupons

Mobile Video and Content Publishers

Wearable Devices and Interactive Merchandize

The Team


Nevo Alva (倪沃)
Co-founder and CEO

Nevo leads Visualead towards a brilliant future. Prior to Visualead, Nevo founded a web-development startup company when he was only 16, served as an Officer in the Israeli Air Force, and held senior management positions in several technology startups. Nevo holds a B.A. in Business Management & Aviation Sciences from Haifa University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University with an emphasis on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation management. If he had free time, Nevo would have spent it with his wife and kid. Otherwise, Nevo enjoys volunteering, snowboarding, and photography.

Itamar Friedman (一塔)
Co-founder and CTO

Itamar is a computer vision and machine learning guru, and the technology oracle at Visualead. Back at high school, Itamar founded with Nevo their first web-development startup. Prior to Visualead, Itamar served as CTO of Dreambots and an Engineer at Mellanox and Kaminario. Itamar received his B.Sc. (summa cum laude) and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, specializing in computer vision and machine learning. He published several academic papers, including “Icon Scanning – Detection & Recognition” (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2012) and “Dancing Icons” (International Conference on Computer Vision 2011). Itamar enjoys tutoring, volunteering, and yacht sailing.

Uriel Peled (吴睿)
Co-founder and CPO

Uriel spends considerable time thinking about the next big thing in O2O and leads Visualead’s product innovation. Prior to Visualead, Uriel served as Cluster Manager at Mellanox, where he managed testing groups and defined project verification methodologies, and worked as a Chip Design Engineer at Intel. Uriel received his B.Sc. (summa cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. On his free time, Uriel is an amateur food critic, exploring the culinary aspects of Shanghai from risky street food to high-end gourmet restaurants.

Oded Israeli (欧弟)
VP Marketing

Oded's role is to let the world know about our wonderful advancements in transforming the O2O market using our cutting-edge technology. Prior to joining Visualead in 2013, Oded led product management and marketing for Digital Commerce and Mobile Payments at Amdocs, practiced law as a high-tech attorney, founded a web design company, and advised Fortune 500 companies as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Oded holds LL.B. and LL.M. degrees (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore. When he’s not busy spreading the word, Oded enjoys being a father of 3 adorable kids, spinning, and guitar playing.

Yonny Friedman (尤尼)
VP Business Development

Yonny builds relationships and value-add solutions with Visualead’s large customers and executes our world-domination plan by developing Visualead’s global reseller program. Yonny has extensive management and business development experience in the intersection of technology, media, entrepreneurship and emerging markets, driving value creation and revenue growth. Prior to Visualead, Yonny served as Founder and CEO of several internet and mobile solutions companies. Yonny holds a LL.B. degree from Tel Aviv University. Every weekend and preferably afternoon too, Yonny tries to instill his love and passion for sports and Maccabi Tel Aviv in his 2 kids.

Amir Hever (阿米亚)

Amir leads Visualead's engineering team in realizing our product roadmap and occasional crazy innovation. Prior to joining Visualead in 2013, Amir was Founder and CEO of a social video startup, managed development teams at Correlsense and led big data projects for an elite Intelligence unit at the Israeli Defense Force. Amir holds a B.A in Information systems and economics from the College of management and is fluent in over 10 development languages. When he's not coding, Amir is pumping weights at the gym or showing off his charm and muscles at trendy night clubs in Shanghai or Tel Aviv.

Meet Our Visualeaders

Jay Jiang (江一剑)
Operations Manager
Viola (张薇卿)
Marketing Manager
Yonatan Ran
Web Dev Manager
Maxim Stepanov
Sagi Nadir
Salvatore Cino
Mobile Developer
Yarden Yavne
Cissy Chen (陈辰)
Sagi Rorlich
Mobile Developer
Zohar Alva
Customer Support
Shimrit Asulin
Adi Cohen
QA Leader
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